Student Testimonials

These are real students who have made a real impact in people's lives.
Dr. Mixon Ware

Dr. Mixon Ware

Associate Professor
Eastern Kentucky University

"Thank you for changing my life! I passed a global assessment of Spanish proficiency and have been invited to serve with the Peace Corps in Peru."

Jeff McLeod

Listen to student Jeff McLeod talk about his Spanish learning experience with us. Bilingual America (which he mentions in the video) is the parent company of

Hal Stratton

Hal Stratton

Former Chairman
U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission

"I was able to conduct a number of seminars in Spanish for the governments of several Latin America countries. I would not have been able to pull this off without you."

Valuable Resources

The Aptitude Assessment will give you a clear and objective measure of your Spanish learning abilities. The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish e-book will help you to clearly understand the principles of teaching we use in our course.
Free Spanish Learning Aptitude Assessment at
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