Member Plans

See our membership plans below. If you just want to try us out, we do offer a FREE membership plan that has real learning benefits as well as 30 day access to our core Spanish course and Virtual Tutoring program. The difference between all paid plans is the amount of private instruction. For details, see beneath the graph. ¡Gracias!

Choose FREE if you just want to try us out to see if we may be the right fit for you.

If you're a self-motivated online learner and just need access to great course processes and coaching choose this plan.

If you're a strong independent learner but still want some accountability and coaching this is the right plan.

This plan is for people who want (need) consistent weekly coaching and accountability to succeed.

This plan is designed for professionals who need strong business-class results within a reasonable period of time. Free Membership Benefits Virtual Monthly Plan Tutoring Plans

• Learning Groups - Our member community is powered by BuddyPress and is integrated directly into our learning management system. This allows for all members to interact together in meaningful ways and also to be grouped by appropriate age groups. Presently, we offer groups for Teens, Adults, First Responders and Spanish Teachers. Our Spanish Teachers group is a place for our own teachers, as well as others, to connect and learn together.

• Live Group Coaching - These are weekly sessions hosted on the Zoom video platform. In these sessions Spanish learners can ask any questions they want about their Spanish learning experience. An added bonus is that on most occasions, Ricardo González, the primary developer and teacher of our courses and the virtual tutoring program, is on these coaching sessions.

• SpanishGPS™ - The SpanishGPS™ teaches students how to quickly understand and master Spanish verb patterns. It has already helped thousands of learners to get a quick grasp of how Spanish grammar truly flows and develops.

• SpanishPower™ - This Basic to Expert Level course has been used for years by managers and executives of Fortune 500 companies as well as professional adults who simply want the very best learning process possible. This is far and away the most comprehensive and results-driven Spanish training course for adults on the market today. It was developed by Ricardo González along with a team of Spanish-training experts.

• Virtual Tutoring - In the virtual tutoring process, Ricardo González teaches you as if you were a live student learning directly with him. This gives you the opportunity to practice with, and be coached by, a world renowned master teacher of language and culture. Not only is Ricardo the developer of the SpanishPower™ course, he is the author of The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish and The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery. He serves on several leadership boards and is in high-demand as a public speaker in the areas of cultural mastery, cultural transformation, and Hispanic culture.

• Accountability Features - Students need to have a sense of real achievement as they go through the learning process. We offer quizzes, digital badging, online certifications and more. believes in high levels of interactivity and interest throughout the learning process. We also believe in publicly rewarding students who achieve success if they so desire.

• Private Tutoring - We offer private instruction in both our Pro and Pro+ Plans. Although virtual tutoring eliminates the need for inordinate amounts of private tutoring, which can be quite expensive over time, many Spanish learners find great benefit in working with a certified professional instructor in a one-on-one environment. This approach is great for serious adult (or teen) learners who really need to make sure they have the accountability and coaching necessary to get strong results. All instructors are trained to specifically tutor and coach the SpanishPower™ course materials providing a cohesive and custom learning experience that insures outstanding results. If you choose either the Pro or the Pro+ plan, your certified instructor will contact you within one business day.