Private Tutoring

Many students absolutely need some private tutoring and coaching to reach high levels of success in their quest to speak Spanish well. Professional tutoring provides the student with a safe practice zone during the developmental phases, expert guidance to work through areas of need, and coaching that challenges and encourages as necessary.

All teachers go through extensive training. They all have a minimum of a college degree, are fully bilingual, and are personally approved by Ricardo González, the SpanishPower™ course creator, and CEO of Bilingual America. If you would like to discuss a private tutoring program, contact us. You can also view multiple approaches here. If you are in the tutoring program, we encourage you to download this tutoring session checklist so you can stay organized and make sure your instructor is following the process.

Noenia Rodríguez
Director of Tutoring Services

Noenia is a master teacher and also oversees our teaching staff. She is also responsible to ensure a positive student experience. She has her MBA from Universidad Latina in San José, Costa Rica and has been a key team member with Bilingual America for five years.

Noenia Rodríguez - Director of Training at

Jeff McLeod
His Tutoring Experience

Below is a video from Jeff McLeod in which he talks about the positive benefits of our one-on-one tutoring program. In his video, he mentions Bilingual America, which, keep in mind, is the parent company of

The 7 P's to Teacher Perfection
Training with Ricardo González

The audio below will help you to know the level of professionalism we expect from our Spanish tutors. This is the very first teaching all new instructors must learn and agree to. We hope this gives you a sense of security as it relates to the tutoring process.